Mr. Pitt - Please Read


My name is Jennifer Ritchie. I am a 43 year old AMAZING mother that has not only dedicated her life to her own children, I help new mothers find the strength to breastfeed and nurture their infants. I breastfed both my kids, and did not even spend one night away from them (not until my 10th wedding anniversary) because I always wanted to know I was always there for them. Fast forward 4 years later and because of my ex-husband’s endless pursuit to destroy me no matter what the consequences, the Orange County Family Court System says I am only allowed to see my children with a monitor present. A situation similar to yours, I just honestly can’t believe it can happen to someone like you. We are the horror stories.

Why do I need your help? Because I need him to buy my house. I am now being forced to sell my home because of a line item in my divorce settlement. I agreed to get my ex’s name off the loan by February 2017, but although I was awarded the home in 2015, he will not sign over the Title / Quick Claim Deed. I have been in court for over a year trying to inforce the judgement and get him to sign, and his attorney just keeps pushing the court dates. I was even awarded $98,000 from Keep Your Home CA to pay down my mortgage, and I could not get it because he name is still on title. My house is going on the market next week, and it is the only thing my children have left. I owe $580,000 on it, and I can afford the mortgage, I just can’t find a bank that will give me a loan. I am alone, powerless, and terrified and I think that you know exactly how I feel right now.

I swear I am not a weirdo, please check me out. I grew up in the Entertainment Industry, and used to pass by the Plan B offices when I rode around Paramount delivering envelopes on my bike. My dad, a former Producer on Frasier, had a stroke 5 months ago from all the stress. My brother is also a Producer on Bloodline (my maiden name is Carroll) and all of my wonderful friends are just sick about this. We are just not wealthy people.

You grow up reading stories of hope and love, but what they don't mention is when you have hope and open yourself up to love you can also be betrayed and feel the type of sadness that darkens parts of your soul. I don’t understand why people intentionally try to hurt other people, but I do know that there IS still good in this world. I know you are a good person, and I know what is being done to you is wrong. Help me save my kids childhood home.